Proper Use of Eye Drops

When you experience eye disorders such as dry or red eyes, using eye drops can be one solution. Know exactly how to use eye drops that are right for the health of your eyes. But before using it, you should know in advance how to use and the contents contained in the drug. The basic ingredients of eye drops are saline or salt water. Additional ingredients from each eye drops are adjusted for the purpose of use, can be in the form of lubricants, as artificial tears, and treat red eye. Types of eye drops To deal with eye disorders, you need to choose the right eye drops. Basically, there are three types of eye drops that can be purchased freely, namely those used to treat red eyes or irritation, overcome allergies, and eye drops for artificial tears. Anti-irritant eye drops This eye drops help reduce red eye due to eye irritation. It is recommended not to use it too often because it can actually aggravate irritation, especially if used for several days in a row. These drops can a
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